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The Characteristics Of Limestone

Limestone provides Hosting services like:

  • Servers that are dedicated
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Colocation Services

Let’s See More

  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • 100 100% SSD storage
  • Hardware that is certified and easy to replace policy
  • DDoS protection is offered at up to 20Gbps, as well as 2 million data packets per second.
  • High-availability
  • Options for managing
  • OnePortal is designed to be simple in its interface
  • Grid protection for power grids
  • Quick setup: under five minutes with cloud, and 4 hours with dedicated servers.

Buy Limestone Account

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What is Limestone?

Limestone Networks is an excellent web-based facilitating service based within Dallas, Texas. It was established in 2007 and began as the preferred dedicated worker provider to gaming companies in Texas and then began to gain experience in providing committed venture grade employees to small or medium-sized businesses.

The year 2014 was the first time they released their 100 percent SSD cloud that facilitated management.

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Benefits Of Limestone

“Straightforward. Strong. The predominant.” That’s their humor. Limestone Networks’ specialization in dedicated worker facilitation has allowed them to effectively refine their basic contributions to common assistance guidelines.

Although many dedicated worker providers require at minimum one day for the installation of your new dedicated employee, Limestone account Networks will have it ready for you in under four hours.

They are highly accessible and are equipped with basic DDoS security. However, the further development of DDoS security costs extra. They’re supported by Tier 1 transporters that guarantee the lowest amount of dormancy and come with a simple yet robust administration interface, with the only entry point. They even include a catchy “No hassle Hardware Replacement” method when you request it and will replace any part of equipment in a definite manner or conduct tests.

If your company is small and you do not require an employee who is dedicated currently, Limestone account Networks additionally has various cloud-based cloud-based plans. These low-responsibility packages can be scaled up and down at any time via their unique One Portal control panel at any time. This means that you only pay for the amount you require at the time that you require it. there’s no reason to purchase additional items that aren’t required or used.

Despite their SLA provides 99.9 percent uptime, their cloud-facilitating bundles actually guarantee 100% uptime. The redundancies they have implemented are almost unimaginable to allow personal time to be lost.

Limestone Cloud Hosting Is Powerful

The cloud hosting service by Limestone Networks is called OnePortal Rapid.

It’s an extremely efficient software with open source components and a flexible infrastructure to support the fastest-growing businesses. Cloud hosting access is a bit simpler because it’s not based on a localized environment.

And, not only that, Limestone account has no long-term commitments to cloud hosting. Instead, you pay by the hour.

It’s a low-latency 100Gbps+ internet that makes it fast and reliable while at the same time.

In the end, the hourly pay arrangement means that you only pay for the cloud hosting you use. Therefore, you won’t have be overbilled which will keep your business expenses lower.

If you select the cloud option , you’ll receive “instant provisioning” (provisioning within “five minutes”)

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Limestone Pros & Cons

As a specific company that offers skilled employees and cloud facilitation plans, Limestone Networks unquestionably charges higher than the average for the market. Their affordable and extremely flexible high-end facilitating plans will attract small- and mid-sized businesses who want to grow quickly. Each thing has positive and negative points. Let’s look at LimeStone…


  • Moderate endeavor grade facilitating arrangements
  • Rapidly committed provisioning of workers
  • Reliable and responsive staff for care
  • Month-by-month contracts are readily available


  • Not suitable for people with an essential website
  • There is no VPS or shared hosting facilitating options

Purchase Limestone From Us

  • Select your package
  • Select a single of our accounts from the range. Choose wisely!
  • Make a purchase to open your account
  • All purchases are guaranteed secure.
  • Utilize your account to the fullest extent possible.
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All payments accepted

Fans of cryptocurrencies will appreciate the possibility to transfer money to Limestone Networks in Bitcoin. PayPal along with the traditional array of payment options are the other types of payment accepted.

Here’s a list of the most important advantages that come with special hosting packages:

  • Fast provisioning for any plan (within the hour)
  • Tier 1 carriers
  • Datacenter is located on a secure power grid
  • Customer support is available 24/7, all year round
  • DDoS protection on every server
  • An effective control panel to manage your website and server
  • As as much RAM as you require
  • Multiple-core processors, beginning at 8 cores
  • Multiple hard drives are included in each plan available
  • 4 TB per drive you own
  • 10TB of bandwidth regardless of which plan you pick.

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