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SAP HANA Cloud Features
  • Database Management.
  • Database Administration.
  • Data Security.
  • Data Virtualization.
  • Application Development.

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What exactly is SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud is a fully-managed cloud-based in-memory database as service (DBaaS). As the cloud-based foundation for data for the SAP Business Technology Platform, it integrates data across the enterprise, making more rapid decisions based upon live data.
Make use of a cutting-edge cloud database SAP HANA Cloud
Develop data solutions that incorporate modern technology and gain insights that are business-ready in real-time. As the data base for SAP Business Technology Platform, the SAP HANA Cloud database offers the capabilities that comes with SAP HANA in the cloud.
Cloud deployment or hybridization
Low and flexible costs of total ownership
High processing speed by using multimodel hybrid transactions
Real-time analytics processing

Why should you use SAP HANA Cloud? SAP HANA Cloud database?

Faster decisions can be made through the use of real-time data
Expand to meet your requirements and process business information of all kinds and perform advanced analysis on live transactions with no adjustment for speedy, more efficient decision-making.
Integrate data across your organization
Integrate with distributed databases using native integration, create tools and applications across cloud and on-premise and also store data that is volatile.
Trust your business information
Create business-ready data by tapping it. one single source of truth to ensure security, privacy and anonymization while ensuring enterprise reliability.

Key Capabilities

One source for business data and information
Connect to data from different sources of data with greater convenience
Improve and standardize the management of data by using a data platform that is one source of data
Reduce duplicate data by using virtualization and SAP HANA’s smart data access
Options for storage based upon your requirements
Utilize flexible multi-tiered data storage in response to the need
Make use of a data lake that can be accessed to store any type of data
Maximize performance and cost by ensuring the correct storage of information
Native object storage, as well as integration with 3rd party storage for objects
On-demand data that is high-performing and high-quality
Get high-speed, 24/7 access to your data without restriction
Allow independent storage and computing
Rapidly scale down or up without any upfront costs completely managed as a service
Extremely fast processing of transactions

Buy verified SAP HANA

Benefits and Highlights

Make your Move faster to the Cloud
Expand your on-premise SAP HANA landscape to the cloud, with increased capacity (compute and storage) to start your journey to the cloud.
Centrally store and manage all of your data
All your data can be managed in one solution using multi-tier storage for data, such as warm disk memory, in-memory and a petabyte data lake.
A Simple Access Layer for All Your Data
Advanced virtualization capabilities coupled with flexible storage and processing options provides users with a single access point to all the data in your business.
Multi-tier Data Store
In-memory, NSE, as well as the data lake components allow for quick and easy access to data at a petabyte scale.
You can scale your compute and storage resources across one instance or multiple. Pay only for the resources you require, and ensure best performance for cost that is the least TCO.
SAP HANA Cloud is a extensive multi-model database that can store, process and analyzes relational text, graph document store, other types of data.

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SAP HANA account for sale

SAP HANA Cloud offers multi-cloud strategy that allows for easy access to all of the data.

  • Onboarding Guide
  • Capacity Unit Estimator
  • Full Use Edition

SAP HANA Cloud is a data platform-as-a-service offering the power and performance of SAP HANA natively in the cloud, including full capabilities to manage data storage, federate, and run powerful applications including:

Multi-tier storage for data, including in-memory storage, native expansion (disk) and the relational data lake
Data integration built-in (virtualization as well as replicating) with cloud data and other on-premise and cloud data
Flexible and independent computation and storage
Privacy and data security
Multi-model engines with advanced technology
Multi-cloud deployment
Cloud native consumption-based pricing based on cloud

Definition of Metric: Capacity Units refer to the amount of units consumed in the use of the services according to the specifications in the specifically designed product’s product supplements. This metric is measured over a period of a month.
SAP’s mission is to assist every business function as the most intelligent business. As a leader in enterprise software, we assist enterprises that are of any size and in every industry function with efficiency.

SAP Business One HANA SaaS service:

SAP Business One can streamline your business, boost your growth by using an affordable program designed specifically for SME companies.
Its SAP(r) Business One application gives you a single, cost-effective solution to manage your company – from customer and sales relations to operations and financials. Created specifically for SME companies, it can help to streamline processes, make use of current information and speed up the growth of your business.

SAP Business One HANA:

The entire process can be streamlined by using one system.
Improve customer relations and build loyalty.
Make use of the latest and most complete information.
Change to meet your evolving demands.
One application, many functions
Administration, Finance, and Fixed Assets, Banking
CRM, Sales & Distribution
Operations – Production, Logistics, Project and Service Management
Dashboard, Reporting and MIS


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