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The advantages of Okcoin account

  • Integrates the bank’s level SSL security encryption
  • Cold store for bulk of their cryptocurrency
  • GSLB as well as distributed servers
  • Real-time monitoring of your account for withdrawals and deposits.
  • Available across more than 160 nations around the world.
  • High-speed , secure and fast virtual banking system
  • Low cast.

What we offer

  • Authentic account and password.
  • Other login details
  • Full new and verified accounts.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Buy Verified Okcoin Accounts

If you have a Okcoin account, you will have to verified. Don’t worry Are you looking to buy OKcoin Verified Account? You are at the right spot. We offer safe and secure accounts to our clients. Our accounts are all authentic.

What exactly are OKcoin Account?

With more than 16 million Bitcoins each month being traded, OKCoin is the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange according to volume. Star Xu, a highly technologically advanced person, established this cryptocurrency trading platform in the year 2013. It is located within Beijing, China. The OKCoin exchange caters to primarily Chinese and Asian users, however it is also open to traders from around across the world. OKcoin Account is a safe digital currency exchange because it utilizes the latest encryption technologies to shield their website from hackers. Additionally, it provides two-factor authentication for logins and withdrawals. Also, consider buying OKcoin Account.


OKcoin Account is not monitored by any of the reputable financial regulatory authorities like of other crypto exchanges. However the exchange enjoys an established reputation among its customers and in the community of cryptocurrency.


While the OKCoin exchange isn’t supervised but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not reliable. OKcoin Account has proved to be a reliable exchange and employs the latest encryption and security protocols to safeguard its users. OKcoin Account has, for instance, uses banks-level SSL encryption and freezing the bulk the cryptocurrency it offers, distributed servers and GSLB as well as real-time deposit and withdrawal account monitoring.

Trading Platforms

OKcoin Account provides one of the more modern safe and reliable trading systems to trade Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. It is a web-based platform and is geared towards traders with more experience, however it’s also accessible to be used by novices. A highly detailed map that can be seen in full-screen mode is available within the platform. To conduct a thorough analysis of technical issues and analysis, all the technical indicators and trading tools are also accessible. The website and platform are both simple and easy to use. Traders of all levels can benefit from the intuitive nature of the platform as well as the plethora of trading options that are available to them.

OKCoin Mobile Trading

OKcoin Account offers smartphone applications that are compatible with each of Apple as well as Android devices that are available for download. With a mobile-enhanced version the site the trading framework makes use of some of the features offered by the website-based system.

Trade Types or Instruments

OKcoin Account is the best trading platform for experienced traders because it offers a broad selection of trading styles that are advanced. Margin trading as well as futures, Iceberg orders as well as trailing stop orders and TWAPs all are available to traders. The OKcoin Account exchange might not offer the same number of cryptocurrency assets as other exchanges, but it compensates by offering advanced trading options. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash are the cryptocurrency that are able to trade, and can be exchanged for USD as well as CNY.

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Types of accounts

While the majority of OKcoin Account users share the same form for their account Different levels of verification allow traders to withdraw and deposit more substantial amounts. The description of the steps to verify can be found below.

Level 1 verification permits the deposit of at least $2000 per calendar day, however, not withdrawals. Level 1 authentication requires the following.

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Birthdate
  • Identification number or passport
  • Address

Level 2 verification permits personal accounts to withdraw and deposit at least $50,000 per day while corporate accounts are able to take deposits or withdraws of up to $500,000 for a day. All standard verification requirements are required in addition to the following:

  • Photocopy taken of your passport a government-issued ID card
  • An utility invoice or a bank statement proving the residence

There are VIP levels as well which can be obtained by earning reward points through trading and by completing KYC information in addition to the levels of verification. The amounts of VIPs determine the leverage for trading and borrowing limits as well as the total amount of trader fees. These are the levels of VIP:

  • Basic User: 8,888 points
  • VIP 1 + 88,888 points
  • VIP 2 Points > 88,888
  • VIP 3 + 288,888 points
  • VIP 4 Points: > 588,888
  • VIP 5 Points 888,888
  • Gold Account Gold Account: A paid account

Commissions and Spreads

OKCoin’s fee structure is low in both Chinese as well as international markets. The fees for trading are calculated as the basis of a sliding scale, based on the monthly volume of the exchange. Taker fees differ, but reduce as the volume of trading increases (taker fees vary between 0.20 per cent to 0.10 per cent). Futures traders are charged the 0.03 percent commission on all open positions.

Deposits and Withdrawals Options

The fiat currency, as well as cryptocurrencies like USD or CNY can be used to deposit and withdraw funds. Transfers and deposits made with cryptocurrencies are as easy as sending money in and out of the personal crypto wallet as well as the cryptocurrency wallet of the exchange. Only wire and bank transfer transactions are accepted for withdrawals and deposits at OKcoin Account with the fee is 0.1 percent is payable.

Bonus and Promotions

It’s a shame that OKcoin Account doesn’t offer any incentive or promotion for trading for its customers. They do not need to attract new traders onto their website since the exchange is already very efficient and dependable.

Customer Support

The customer service offered by OKCoin is top-notch, particularly for the cryptocurrency exchange. Live chat, email telephone support, as well as the ticketing system is among the options for support available to traders. The support staff’s responses are courteous and professional and usually respond within one hour. OKcoin Account also offers a FAQ page that allows traders to receive answers to most of their queries.


  • Astonishingly high liquidity
  • The ability to trade on margin as well as in futures markets.
  • Prices are competitive and low.
  • A platform to facilitate advanced trading
  • Transfers and deposits of fiat currency


  • For withdrawals, you must verify the amount.
  • A small number of cryptocurrency assets are able to be traded.


Is OKCoin a reliable cryptocurrency?

There is no need to be, OKcoin Account is not a cryptocurrency exchange regulated by financial regulators.

Where is the site of OKCoin’s main office?

OKCoin is located within Beijing, China.

What is OKCoin’s model for revenue?

OKCoin earns its profits by charging transaction and withdrawal charges to its users.

How do I deposit cash in my OKCoin account?

OKcoin Account accepts cryptocurrency-based deposits along with wire transfer and bank deposits with USD as well as CNY.

How do I make cash out of OKcoin Account?

Refunds to OKcoin Account can be done exactly the same way as the deposits were made by wire or bank transfer to fiat currencies, and through transfers of cryptocurrency among digital wallets.

How do I sign-up to get my OKCoin account?

To sign up for an account at OKcoin account All you need to do is provide an email address as well as a password. When you make withdrawals or deposits you’ll be asked to verify your identity.

Is OKCoin a reliable cryptocurrency?

Absolutely, OKCoin has been proven to be reliable, and is is trusted by a lot of people all over the world.

Does OKCoin an MetaTrader user?

It’s not true, OKcoin Account uses its own customized web-based trading platform.

What’s the benefit of OKCoin?

The leverage for OKCoin’s maximum is 2 to 3 times.\

Is OKCoin a fraud?

It’s not the case. Although it’s not regulated, OKCoin is not a fraud.

Is OKCoin a secure cryptocurrency?

OKCoin is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange because it uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that its website is secure from hackers. It also provides two-factor authentication for logins and withdrawals.

You can buy active OKcoin Account?

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OKcoin Account for sale

For your account to be inspected Transfer USD, EUR, or crypto to begin trading on the most reputable global cryptocurrency exchange. You can also use your own account to Trade Bitcoin.

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OKCoin is an excellent platform for trading advanced certain of the market’s most popular cryptocurrency. The exchange is extremely liquid and a lot of users from all over the world have faith in it. The trading platform of OKCoin is dependable and well-designed. For traders with experience they can also benefit from sophisticated trading strategies and features. You can buy active OKcoin Account through us, we offer the top OKCoin accounts available for sale. Don’t hesitate to place an place your order to purchase OKCoin accounts now. We’re waiting to receive your order at any time.


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